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The Right To Die, 1982

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Komakino S/S 2015
Ph. Salvatore Caputo

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mousse mag

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Slussen plan C

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Silvio Rodríguez - Ojalá

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Air defenses during NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

" Nowadays, the individual as a living body, is starting to be considered as a wealth in him/herself, even when not active in employment. For example, anyone that strolls around any of the macro centres for leisure and free time that proliferate in the outskirts of our cities is actively collaborating, just with his/her expectations of having a good time, in the production of an “affective territory”, an environment of collective relaxation and receptivity to pre-designed entertainment, a space where he/she and many others will feel good, thus allowing to set in motion all of the complex systems of consumption and membership of the increasingly powerful “conscience industries”. This is because the productive value of subjects no longer lies in their potential as a force of production as workers, but in their condition of the possessors of a life that yearns for entertainment, enjoyment, satisfaction. That is why it has been said on so many occasions that life itself “works” nowadays. "

juan martín prada, economies of affectivity

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