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Helsinki by arndalarm on Flickr.

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Renji “Range” Murata

source: http://www.wani.com in 2003

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'The Anarchist Heart', Bill Tremblay, New Rivers Press, New York, 1977.



Aaron Swartz » piratical angel of digital justice » miracle caught on camera

Nick Briz, Artist, Chicago, IL

Follow the Privacy Piracy thread at 15folds.com

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Rudnichny, Kirov Oblast, Russia

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Defacement (The Death of Michael Stewart) 1983 Jean Michel Basquiat

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Unknown shortwave station with a tape loop of Homer Simpson saying “What the Hell you reading books for”. Frequency was 8051.5 kHz in USB mode. Station was on the air for over an hour, from before 1634 UTC to 1743 UTC, January 06, 2013.

Recorded at my location in the Mojave Desert, of California, USA.

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